Low-carb Take Out Options for Healthy Dieting

takeoutYou can order low-carb take out at many restaurants and fast food joints, depending on your taste and preferences.

Take out That Can Be Modified

While some fast food chains offer diet-friendly food, many add sugar and offer high-carb options. If you love fast food, however, order burgers wrapped in lettuce. Patties are high in carbohydrate content. You may want to check with small, local diners in your community as well. Many of them use fresh ingredients and offer meals that are diet-friendly. Even if they don’t offer low carb meals, most dishes can be modified and de-carbed. For example, you can order an omelet and skip the hash browns and toast. Choose vegetables and green salads instead of macaroni salad or French fries. Avoid deep fried foods as well as breaded meat. Deep fried foods are unhealthy to begin with. They clog the arteries and increase the risk of health problems. If the beading mix combines oat and soy flour, for example, you can give it a try as it fits in a low carb menu.

Indian and Chinese Take Out

There are some options to try if you love Indian or Chinese food. For example, you can have spicy marinated shrimp, tandori chicken, Saag Gosht, or Milagu Curry. Milagu Curry is a tasty and flavorful meal that combines coconut sauce, tomatoes, onion, and lamb. In any case, avoid meals that are made with ground and white rice and refined flours and opt for meals that are high in fiber, healthy fat, and protein. When it comes to herbs and spices, Indian cuisine incorporates spices and ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, coconut, and garlic. They offer many health benefits such as reduced risk for hypertension and heart problems and have anti-inflammatory properties. While Indian food is a bit spicy, you can have meals with garlic, coconut, and other ingredients. There are some takeaway options for fans of Chinese food as well. You can have Egg Foo Yung, Mu Shu, stir-fries, and steamed food. Avoid sweet sauces, egg rolls, breaded meats, white rice, wontons, and noodles.


You may want to order take out from restaurants that are low carb-friendly. What you can have depends on whether you are on the Zone, Sugar Busters, or another reduced carbohydrate plan. Steak diners are a great choice for dieters because they offer nutritious, high-protein meal options. Check with different steakhouses to find out if their menus fit into your diet of choice. In any case, you can have chopped salads, beef tenderloin, baked halibut, and more. Some diners also offer themed, lunch, and deli lunch buffets. Customers can order side dishes, fresh seafood, steak, and delicious desserts. If you are unsure about the ingredients, you may want to order plain meat and a green salad. Skip the salad dressing because many dressings and sauces contain added sugar. Meal salads are also a good choice as well as omelets with mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and other low carb vegetables.

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